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This is the fourth edition of a text-book first published in 1889, by a man who, as Judge-Advocate-General of the Army, had a considerable experience in the practical application of international law and, in particular, the law of war on land. As the book was not written for lawyers, it would not be fair to judge it from the lawyer's point of view. It is well written, but in many of its chapters is so general in its statements, that the lawyer cannot profitably use the book. The chapter on national character has apparently not taken into consideration the important federal statutes of June 27, 1906 and March 2, 1907, nor the important circular of the Department of State of July 26, 1910, with respect to the effect of long-continued residence abroad on the status of native citizens. The Act of 1907 also furnishes new statutory criteria, of which the book apparently takes no account, for the loss of citizenship by naturalized citizens

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