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Not everyone knows this, but recently a revolution has occurred in Israel. I am speaking of a constitutional revolution, in which the Knesset, as the constitutive branch, enacted Basic Law: Human Dignity and Freedom, and Basic Law: Freedom of Occupation. The first law provides that no person's life, body or dignity shall be violated, by virtue of being human. A person's property shall not be violated. Every person is entitled to protect his or her life, body and dignity. Every person has freedom from imprisonment, detention or extradition. Every person has the right to leave Israel, and every Israeli citizen has the right to enter Israel. Everyone has the right to privacy and confidentiality. A person's private domain may not be entered without his or her consent. No search may be made of a person's private domain, on his body, of his body, or his personal effects. The confidentiality of a person's conversations, writings and records may not be violated.

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