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Why did news of Gary's malignant brain tumor (and, a few months later, of his death) trigger such an outpouring of affection? Partly it was the breadth and depth of Gary's intellectual talents. He could expound with verve and insight on the joint and several liability of tortfeasors, the history of federal highways, school finance in California, the latest Robert Altman film, the aesthetics of Keith Wilkes's jump shot, and the merits of knocking with ten early in a game of gin. Partly it was the quality of Gary's character. As a torts teacher he had to deal with the concept of malice, but he personally was incapable of that emotion. His integrity and loyalty were total. At first meeting, you knew that you could count on him. In these brief remarks, however, I'll stress another of Gary's exceptional qualities: his mettle. He had an irrepressible urge to take on new challenges. He usually sought companions for his varied adventures and, given his energy and good humor, never lacked for them.

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