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My assigned function is to give the "keynote" for this symposium, a puzzling, if not pretentious, function. The term "keynote" is commonly used to describe the opening address of a political convention. The purpose of such a keynote is to generate enthusiasm for the election of an unnamed candidate on an undecided platform with a speech which is "full of sound and fury, signifying nothing." Hopefully, I will not perform that function. Perhaps the keynote should provide the key to unlock the doors to an understanding of public employee bargaining. But Theodore Clark's paper makes it look more like Pandora's box which has loosed a plague of political evils. My keynote function is a modest one: to provide a key to the map of public employee bargaining which is spread before us all, in order that we may reach some better understanding of what we are viewing, see the contours of the terrain, and find our way to where we want to go.

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