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When I come here I cannot help feeling as if I was in at the birth of this Canadian Bar Association. I remember well, as doubtless many of you do, that great meeting of the American Bar Association at Montreal, and the very beautiful address of Lord Haldane, who was the guest of the Association on that occasion. I remember his discourse on Sittleichkeit and Gemuthleichkeit in 1913, which did not immediately appear as the controlling influence in the world within the year following. But it was a beautiful address and it had a truth in it that must not be lost, and that was that the union of nations for the good of the world must depend upon their spirit of co-operation and their kindly feeling to one another, as the indispensable basis of any improvement in international matters and in the organization of any successful union of the forces of the world to preserve peace. I am glad to know that the Canadian Bar Association, which I hope I am not wrong in saying had the suggestion of its organization from that meeting, has attained the strength and usefulness which this meeting and the previous meetings have developed.

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