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We are fighting this war to make the world safe for Democracies. The issue is now between the Democracies of the world and its Autocracies. The end must be, as we all hope, the promotion of the rule of the people in all the important nations. In that case, war as between countries will not be begun without the wish of the majority of their respective peoples. It will become, therefore, even more important than heretofore in the maintenance of peace that each government representing its people in its foreign relations, and being answerable for them to another people, should be able to perform its promises promptly, and should certainly not keep them only to the ear and break them to the hope. When one nation has made an agreement with another to receive the citizens of that other hospitably and secure them in peaceful residence and the pursuit of a livelihood, and such citizens are not protected, but are killed or injured, the breach of promise may easily grow into a cause of war. A people naturally resents injustice and cruelty to their kith and kin in another country.

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