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Our last meeting was held on foreign soil at Montreal. Everyone who attended, I am sure, felt that it was a marked success. Montreal is a great and beautiful city, which has a peculiar character, due to its two peoples of French and English origin that are united in a common citizenship. All felt that the spirit shown by our Association in making Montreal its meeting place, and the courteous and enthusiastic hospitality which was the response of the Canadian Bar, strengthened the bond between the two countries and made us nearer neighbors. There was then nothing in the world's horizon to trouble the friends of international peace. The beautiful address of Lord Chancellor Haldane, in which he dwelt upon the effect of what he called "Sittlichkeit," or " Good form," between groups of nations as a growing influence in favor of peace, seemed to be quite in accord with the conditions that then prevailed. Little did anyone think, in listening to his words, and in approving without reserve their sweet reasonableness and encouraging tone, that when next we met, practically all Europe would be at war, fighting battles with lines hundreds of miles in extent, with millions of men on one side contending with millions of men on the other; that European industry and commerce would be struck down, and that each half of the European world would be rejoicing at the enormous losses, reaching to hundreds of thousands, of the other half.

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