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The growing interest of the Bar in maintaining and raising the standards of professional excellence and professional conduct is indicated by the raising of the requirements for admission to the Bar, and by the adoption by the Bar Association of specific canons of conduct, rather ethical than strictly legal in their nature. In response to this interest our Bar Examining Committee has recommended a course in legal ethics, and has made legal ethics a subject of examination. You, gentlemen, have the honor of being the first group of candidates to pass an examination in legal ethics. Your text has been the attorney's oath of office for this State; the declaration of legal ethics adopted by the State Bar Association, and Sharswood's Legal Ethics. That you are here in court awaiting the order that shall admit you to the ancient and honorable privileges and responsibilities of the attorney is a sufficient voucher that you are reasonably familiar with the practical precepts involved in ethics as applied to the professional conduct of attorneys at law. I shall not, therefore, attempt to recapitulate here that in which you are certified by the Bar Examining Committee as being already reasonably proficient. It is, however, my official duty, imposed by rule of court, to address you upon your duties and responsibilities as attorneys.

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