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This bibliography was developed in the course of research in the customary laws of wrongs in Kenya, and is therefore most thorough with respect to that subject. However, the nature of customary law is such that wrongs do not form a sharply differentiated substantive area. Moreover, other bodies of law–e.g., those pertaining to the family, to property rights, to procedural matters–clearly bear on the treatment of wrongs. Consequently, most sources cover a broad subject matter, and in seeking to include all those having any bearing on the laws of wrongs, I believe I have been reasonably comprehensive. Two areas were deliberately excluded. Non-customary laws–received English law, adopted Indian Acts, Moslem or Hindu law–where it has no bearing on customary practices, is not referred to. Within customary law itself, the rules of land law have only been dealt with incidentally, for the area is sufficiently specialized to constitute a separable subject matter, with an extensive bibliography of its own.

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