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As one who knows him well, it is my pleasure to present to the readers of this publication–and it would be a correspondingly greater pleasure to present to the country at large–a brief sketch of the lawyer, soldier, citizen, whose name is at the heading of this contribution. By reason of the magnificent measure of lasting achievement in each ot these capacities, lie well deserves to be call distinguished. Like every strong man whose efforts result in revolutionizing an institution of government–especially when that institution is an archaic military establishment–he has, or has had, his traducers. Their clamor at times has seemed to overreach and mar the merit of this courageous man who, conscious of his own rectitude, could never stoop to such a contest. They are growing fewer, their voices weaker, while his accomplishments In behalf of the country, the war-time citizen army, and the legal profession, have scarcely begun to take on their rightful perspective. I deem it my duty that the country, and above all the profession, should now know something more of those accomplishments.

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