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The editors of Minnesota Law Review greatly value the opportunity to make this significant brief readily available to the profession. It is the brief of Amici Curiae filed on behalf of the Committee of Law Teachers in the United States Supreme Court in Sweatt v. Painter et al., No. 44, October Term, 1949. It was filed in support of Herman M. Sweatt, a negro seeking admittance to the University of Te.."as School of Law. The case is scheduled for argument in the Supreme Court this month, March, 1950. However the case may be decided, the considerations urged in this brief are of permanent value, transcending in importance the merits of any single controversy. As will be seen, the brief deals with the problem of segregation in its broader aspects, as well as in its particular application to legal education. For this reason it gives the editors deep satisfaction to make this brief available for easy reference in any law library.

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