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As the Association of American Law Schools was organized in i9oo, we are assembled at the sixth annual meeting. The Constitution requires this body to meet annually at the time and place fixed for the annual meeting of the American Bar Association. That Association finds its convenience served by holding its meetings the last of August. A more inconvenient time than this for university teachers could hardly be selected. Organizations composed of those connected with universities are accustomed almost without exception to hold their meetings in December. Then, too, the Bar Association may sometimes find its own advantages promoted by holding its meetings in a remote section of the country and at a place so distant from the schools represented in this Association as to cause serious inconvenience, because of the place as well as the time of the meeting. The suggestion is made that it may be well for our Association to consider the question of the expediency of so amending the Constitution as to invest the Executive Committee with discretion concerning the time and place of meeting.

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