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Arthur Linton Corbin was born in Cripple Creek, Colorado on October 17, 1874. After obtaining the B.A. degree at the University of Kansas in 1894, he came East three years later to study law at Yale. The regular course of study for the LL.B. degree was three years but the catalogue provided that Bachelors of Arts "of approved colleges will be permitted to complete the three years' course in two years, if they are able to do so." Arthur Corbin had no difficulty in doing so, and obtained his law degree in 1899. He then returned to Cripple Creek to practice law. In 1903 he was called back to the Yale Law School as Instructor of Contracts. The next year he was appointed Assistant Professor and in 1909 was named Professor of Contracts. This professorship he still holds, although he has been Professor Emeritus since 1943 when he was obliged to retire because he had reached the age of 68.

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