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These remarks are stimulated by Professor Wendy Gordon's ambitious and extremely interesting article On Owning Information: Intellectual Property and the Restitutionary Impulse. Professor Gordon identifies some current trends in the law of what she variously refers to as "intangible" or "intellectual" property. In doing so, she emphasizes the expansion of legal protection afforded certain property claims in intellectual resources and considers possible motivations for the change in legal attitude, notably the increasing economic importance of intangibles. Professor Gordon rightly notes that more protective common law causes of action may be economically counterproductive. In her view, legal protection of intangibles has increased in two important ways. The first concerns the domain of protected interests; the second concerns the nature of the protection given the relevant interests. Professor Gordon identifies two principles underlying the expansion of both the domain and the nature of intellectual property law. These are: (1) the principle of reap/sow, and (2) the principle of unjust enrichment.

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