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Foreign Commerce and the Antitrust Laws by Wilbur L. Fugate, a trial attorney in the Antitrust Division of the Department of Justice, is one of a Trade Regulation Series which has been described by its editor as ". . . practical guides to good faith compliance with antitrust and cognate trade regulation laws." The purposes of this "hand book," as stated in the editor's foreword, are to provide a guide for the general practitioner who has little experience in this field, to provide a quick orientation for the economist or business executive, and to provide a ready reference tool for the specialist. Such a multi-purpose task is particularly formidable in this area because the basic statute, the Sherman Act, has general reference to both interstate and foreign commerce. As the author recognizes, there is no limited frame of reference. All important antitrust cases are applicable to an understanding of restraint or monopolization of trade with foreign nations.

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