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The general tendency of the times during the last half century towards collectivism has not been without its fruits for lawyers. They have formed permanent associations of a representative character in the leading countries of the world, or have given new and better form to those which previously existed. In England the General Council of the Bar, the Council for Legal Education and the Council for Law Reporting have taken up functions previously belonging to individuals or to the Inns of Court, or to nobody. In this country most of our States have organized State Bar Associations, and the American Bar Association sprang into vigorous life in 1878. Since the federation of Germany, we have the Deutscher Airwaltverein, founded in 1871, which has its seat at Leipsic where the Imperial Court of Appeals has its sessions. Saxony has its own Chamber of Advocates and Denmark, Norway, Switzerland, Belgium, and Russia, each has its national federation, that of Russia having been organized under great difficulties in April, 1905, at St. Petersburg.

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