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A more creative conception of criminal law, and a more scientific and
policy-minded approach to the organization of research, instruction and consultation
concerning the use of criminal and other negative sanctions, 'have
long been in making in the minds of many working in the field, in many
widely separated places. My purpose in this paper is briefly to describe the
kind of program currently conceived-to these ends in the Yale School of Law.
Stemming from a series of exploratory studies and seminars conducted
over the past few, years in collaboration with members of the Departments
of Anthropology, Psychiatry and Public Health in the University, our program
t is concerned with the technique of public order-that is to say, the
"know-how" of the use of negative sanctions to preserve desired aspects of a
culture or, as the case may be, to promote desired culture change. All penal
and regulatory laws prescribing negative sanctions are, of course, addressed
to one of these ends.

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research, policy, Yale Law School