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Man's ancient struggle against injustice has produced a great variety
of works - tracts contagious in their passion, treatises profound in insight,
and textbooks that bravely try to teach the unteachable and
unscrew the inscrutable. Professor Cahn's little volume falls into none
of these categories. It is something that is half-prose and half-poetry.
Perhaps its best place on a shelf of law books would be between Pollock's
The Genius of the Common Law and Cardozo's Law and Literature.
It is a vivid account of what happens in a man's heart when he
seeks to right an injustice. It is studded with piquant phrases nicely
turned, with quotations from the world's great books, and with novel
analogies calculated to stimulate, alike, the tired student and the jaded
lawyer. But the flavor of the book is more easily conveyed by excerpts
than by description.

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injustice, humanity