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Private Property and Communism
C. Mr. Allen, do you believe in the American form of government?
A. I certainly do.
C. And do you disapprove of communism?
A. I do.
C. Then you must believe that there is an important difference
between communism and our American form of government.
A. Yes. I believe there are many important differences. For one
thing, we have a democratic form of government in this country, and
under communism there is a dictatorship.
C. That is certainly an important difference, but it would be just
as applicable to Fascist or feudal dictatorships as to a communist
dictatorship. Can you be any more specific as to the important differences
between our American form of government and communism
which would not apply equally to other types of dictatorship?
A. I suppose that the most important point of difference is that
we in the United States recognize rights of private property and communism
abolishes private property.

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government, communism, private property