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"Rome," says the great Jhering,"conquered the world three times: first by her armies, second by her religion, third by her law. This third conquest, most pacific of all, is perhaps the most surpassing of all." Not the least among
the juridical conquests of Roman law is modern Japanese law via the world-influence of French law.
The story of the creation and development of the present law of Japan, through vivifying contact with western civilization, which began barely half a century ago, is nothing short of marvelous.
Modern Japan had its beginning irs 1868, when the Shogunate
was destroyeda nd the Mikado'sa uthorityw as restored. At that
time the law of Japan was almost entirely customary, full of
uncertaintya nd variabilitya, nd thoroughlyt inged with Japanese
feudal conceptions.

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international law, colonialism, Roman law