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That English law country which today most needs a codified private law which shall be uniform from one border to another is the United States -. and Great Britain is easily next. Why should 91,000,000 1 Americans longer endure the miserable confusion of 48 different varieties of state "common law," superimposed by that other variety known as "federal common law" - all of which (except in two states) 2 are but unwritten or customary law located in a tangled jungle of multitudinous statutes, reports of decisions and digests of these? The uncertainty of our law, its confusion, its startling bulkiness, redundancy and prolixity, increased annually by some 20,000 new statutes and thousands of new reported cases, make our law today the most intolerable in the world and perhaps the worst ever known to human history all because its form and lack of uniformity are so objectionably bad.

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