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In the latter part of 1926, the National Conference of Commissioners
on Uniform State Laws, through its Committee on
Amendments of Uniform Acts, undertook the preparation of a
series of amendments to the Negotiable Instruments Law. The
time for such action seemed particularly appropriate inasmuch
as the act had then been adopted by all of the states, though
with minor variations in text in many cases. There had been a
considerable amount of experience with the statute; for in the
principal commercial states it had been in effect from twenty to
thirty years. That there was need for some action to harmonize
the conflicting interpretations which had developed, and possibly
to reconcile the variations in provisions of the different statutes,
was scarcely open to question, if the original objective, a uniform
body of law relating to negotiable paper, was to be realized
to the extent reasonably possible. The committee designated
Professor Williston to undertake the work, a singularly happy

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Negotiable Instruments Law, state law