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The Ohio Judicial Council Embarks on a Survey of Justice. In
1923 the first state judicial council in this country was established in
Ohio. The Massachusetts act providing for such a council was introduced
earlier and formed the basis for the Ohio law, but it was not
adopted until 1924. The judicial council provided for by the Ohio
law" was composed of the chief justice of the supreme court, two
associate justices, the chief justice of the court of appeal, one common
pleas judge, one municipal court judge, and three lawyers.
The council was charged with the duty of making a continuous study
of the organization, rules, methods of procedure, and practice of the
judicial system of Ohio, as well as the work accomplished and results
produced by that system and its various parts. The results of this continuous
study were to be reported biennially to the legislature, with
such recommendations for the modification of existing conditions as
the council might see fit to make. The council was authorized also to
submit suggestions for the consideration of the judges of the several
courts with regard to rules, practice, and procedure.

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