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Methods of Jury Selection. Only five years ago, a member of
the bench was protesting that whereas "criticism of our courts has
become so common that anyone with a pen or typewriter feels called
upon to add his mite to the subject," still, "for some reason, perhaps
for fear of being unpopular, very few have said anything regarding
juries."" What a change has taken place! Today, baiting the jury
is one of our safest, as well as most popular, pastimes. As stated
by Dean Wignore, "the issue stands thus: Shall jury trial be abolished?
Or shall it only be reformed? No thoughtful person can be
content to leave it as it is." Abolition being beyond the realm of
probability, the question narrows down to that of the improvement of
the jury, which is primarily a problem of improving the methods of
its selection.

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jury selection, methods