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Since the publication of the last Legal and Constitutional Histo, survey
two years ago, the field has seen an extraordinary outpouring of
significant literature. In part, the literature was a product of the bicentennial
celebration. The University of Pennsylvania Law Review, the
Virginia Law Review, the De Paul Law Review, and even the Public
Contract Law Journal published bicentennial issues, each of which contained
several historical articles. In addition, the Law and Society Review
published a two-issue Festschrift in honor of the retirement of the
preeminent legal historian of the last three decades, James Willard Hurst. These special issues, together with the volumes of the American
Journal of Legal History that have been published during the past two
years, contain extensive and important periodical literature to which
many major figures in the field have contributed. Individual comment
upon the articles is impossible; all that can be said is that most of them
deserve examination by any scholar seeking to remain current in the

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American legal history, survey