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The appearance of the first volume of
Law Books in Print was noted as an important
bibliographical event by this reviewer
in the Law Librayy Journal for
May, 1958, at page 170. The publication
of this second volume substantiates that
observation. With its appearance, law librarians
can now be assured of a continuing
source of current bibliographical information
about law books.
The scope of the work has been expanded
by volume two to include all law
books in the English language published
anywhere in the world-a welcome improvement
in view of the increasing interest
in international, foreign, and comparative
law by the legal profession. More
and more materials in the English language
are being published which analyze,
compare and translate laws and legal matters
of foreign countries. The availability
of a fine bibliographical tool such as we
have here will be invaluable in ascertaining
what is at hand to meet the demands
for such publications.

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international law, law libraries