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Of the vast number of treatises on the Conflict of Laws Huber's "De Conflictu Legum Diversarum in Diversis Imperiis" is the shortest It covers only five quarto pages; and yet it has had a greater influence upon the development of the Conflict of Laws in England and the United States than any other work. No other foreign work has been so frequently cited. Story himself relied upon Huber more than upon any of the other foreign jurists. Indeed, Laine goes so far as to say that Story's celebrated work on the '~Conflict of Laws" is in reality nothing but a "paraphrase'' of Huber.

In the estimation of continental jurists, Huber does not occupy such a prominent position. He is considered one of the lesser writers on the subject. Whence comes this difference in the appreciation of Huber? Before this question is answered it will be profitable_ to set forth very briefly Huber's views on the subject of the Conflict of Laws and to compare them with the views of the other leading statutists.

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