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J N AN earlier article an attempt was made to present the problems created by commercial arbitration in its international and interstate aspects, so far as they related to the validity and enforcement of the submission agreement. To complete the survey it will be necessary to consider the award and its enforcement in other countries. As between many continental countries the enforcement of foreign awards is today governed by the Geneva Convention of 1927, or by bilateral treaties containing more favorable conditions for the enforcement of awards. The Geneva Convention is substantially in force also in England, but not in the United States and Latin-America. With respect to these non-contracting countries, the former state of the law is still in force. A general presentation of the subject will require, therefore, a discussion of foreign awards apart from the Geneva Convention, and under the provisions of the Convention. No attempt will be made to deal with the bilateral treaties that have been entered into, and the discussion will be limited to a few European and Latin-American countries whose law is of special interest. Before proceeding to the consideration of foreign awards a few words will be necessary with respect to the validity and enforcement of local awards.

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