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APROPOS of soft coal Eugene Rostow recites his faith. It is a grand faith and he sets down its articles most persuasively. There can be no quarrel with his belief in a release of resources, an efficient system of production, an economy flexible enough to meet the course of events and remain in service to the common good. Nor is his facility as a craftsman subject to attack. His essay, deftly articulated, is a pioneer contribution. It is a challenge to problems which impend; and if the statements were translated from the categorical to tl1e inquisitorial, I should be tempted to concur. But, insistent as his summons is, in respect to the state of the art of control, it seems to me somewhat earlier than he thinks. I find myself fumbling for questions where he is facile with answers. And although I am quite in accord about objectives, I am compelled to demur to the plan of salvation.

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