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The plan as finally drawn up was approved by the members of the Executive Committee on June 11, 1936 and on the next day, by direction of the President, I was asked to write Mr. Keppel asking for an appointment to discuss the proposal. I found, however, that he was just preparing to sail for Europe and that I could not see him. I then asked if we might send him a copy of the plan and an explanation and he granted that privilege. Such plan was sent to him and we have a letter from him saying that it will be considered in October when all plans for grants are to be considered. He has also agreed to meet a representative of the Association in September to talk about the plan: In other words, there is now a detailed plan showing what money ~s needed to carry out the various items in the Roalfe Plan. It has been presented to the Carnegie Corporation and will be considered by them in October of this year. It is our hope that the Carnegie Corporation will be interested in our plan as a whole, for we feel that the funds for which we are asking will make ·it possible to effect an ideal development of the Association under the Roalfe Plan. If the whole plan is not approved at this time we hope that the Carnegie Corporation may be willing to assist us in carrying out some one feature of it, as for instance, the further development of the LAW LIBRARY JOURNAL.

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