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The outstanding periodical in the world devoted to the professional interests of law libraries and law librarians is the Law Library Journal. I was tempted to say that this is the only such periodical, but that would have been unfair to the Law Library News, and to several local publications issued by law libraries.

The Law Library Journal, published by the American Association of Law Libraries and now in its twenty-seventh volume, began its life as a non-identical twin of the Index to Legal Periodicals, when that Index was born in January, 1908. It is still published in conjunction with the Index, its periodicity being quarterly like that of the Index. During most of its life, it has been used·chiefly as the vehicle for publishing the papers and proceedings of the annual meetings of the American Association of Law Libraries. This has been its chief function, and only occasionally have the limited funds available permitted the publication of other material. Despite this limitation, the Journal is the most complete repository in existence of information concerning the history, management and problems of law librarianship. Even under difficulties, it has proved itself to be a professional journal indispensable to law libraries.

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