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The traditional nuclear family-where mom is married to dad and they are raising their biological kids--is no longer the norm in America. Nowadays, only one-fifth of America's households consist of a currently married husband and wife raising children.' Only 51% of all adults were married in 2011, the lowest figure in recorded American history and a striking contrast to the 72% who were married fifty years ago. Almost one third of the households with children are headed by single persons or unmarried couples. Over half a million American households are headed by married or unmarried same-sex couples, with nearly a quarter of those raising children. There is now a pluralist array of families in the United States. A century ago, "family" was culturally confined to persons related by marriage and blood; today, family is defined by relations of affinity, love, and commitment. Large majorities of Americans believe that "family" includes married couples raising children, single parents raising children, lesbian and gay couples raising children, and married couples who are not raising children.

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