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A glance at the record of the Law School and the Bar of

West Virginia leads one to ask why an untutored and unsophisticated

foreigner should be invited to tell them what

to do. Instead the foreigner should be invited to compliment

the Bar and the School on what they have accomplished.

I know of no state which can compare with West

Virginia in the co-operation of law school and lawyer. You

have a remarkable history in working together, and a spirit

of mutual interest which promises continued achievement in

the future. What you have done must strike envy into the

heart of any law school executive. Working together you

produced the building in which we are now assembled. Together

you have made the educational requirements for the

Bar as high as any in the country. Together you have made

the Law Quarterly an outstanding publication of importance

even outside the state. Together you have made salaries at

this School sufficient to gather and retain a distinguished

faculty. Together you have secured a dean whose intelligence

and energy are already well-known beyond the borders

of West Virginia. With his arrival ahd that of your

new president you have begun an even more far-reaching

venture, co-operative investigation of the practical problems

of the State.

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