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Good morning, and welcome to the first roundtable, which is in many ways a Rorschach test. In your packet, you have a handout that says Frontiero v. Richardson on the front. You might want to take it out and have it in front of you during the panel because we are going to focus on the cases included in the packet. We are delighted to have such a multidisciplinary audience here and hope the handout will assist those who might not be particularly familiar with the cases or who, in any event, could use a refresher. We have before us five eminent legal scholars. I will introduce them in the order they will be speaking this morning: Elizabeth Schneider, Vicki Schultz, Nathaniel Berman, Adrienne Davis, and Janet Halley. All of them have focused on or used theories about gender in their work, some to a greater extent than others, but all quite thoughtfully.

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