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Why still talk about the "Haitian Refugee Litigation," Haitian Centers Council, Inc. v. Sale, twenty-five years later? After all, fine books have been written about the litigation: Brandt Goldstein's gripping nonfiction novel, "Storming the Court", and the accompanying Civil Procedure teaching materials expertly assembled by Brandt Goldstein, Rodger Citron, and Molly Beutz Land. The episode has been used as a case study for Procedure classes at Yale, Columbia, Touro Law School, University of Connecticut, and New York Law School, just to name a few. The episode has spawned many articles. And symposia held over the last few years have commemorated the litigation as a paradigm for human rights advocacy, not just here at New York Law School,s but also at Yale,6 Columbia,' and Howard University Law Schools.

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