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That the surging cultural phenomenon sometimes called "Pikettymania" has now reached the redoubts of the Harvard Law Review is very much to be welcomed. After all, social inequality has not been a prominent topic of legal scholarship over the last generation, though the French economist Thomas Piketty has incontrovertibly documented that it exploded over that period. In his review, Professor David Singh Grewal performs an excellent service in prompting lawyers to engage with Piketty's findings, and offers a straightforward digest, literate survey, and penetrating analysis of Piketty's now celebrated book to help them do so. Grewal's elegant and insightful review is a notable event, even in the massive reception of Capital in the Twenty-First Century, during which so much ink has already been spilled. It is on what legal scholars might add to the discussion of the contemporary explosion of inequality that this Response focuses.

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