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The following remarks by Dean Post were delivered at Professor Burt's funeral. The remaining Tributes are drawn from remarks delivered at a memorial service held at the Yale Law School on November 1, 2015.

I am here today as Dean of the Yale Law School, where Bo has been an honored member of the faculty since 1976, having previously served on the faculties of the University of Michigan and the University of Chicago. I am here, that is to say, in something of a representative capacity. It is my privilege to offer on behalf of the entire Yale community our deepest condolences to Linda, to Anne and to Jessica, to Jeffrey, to Carolyn, to Tessa, Delayna, and Ella. Our broken hearts go out to you in support and love. As Dean, it is my particular privilege to express the affection and the esteem in which Bo was held by his peers and colleagues at the Law School. This is a subject about which I could say a great deal.

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