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The editors of this 50th Anniversary Issue have asked me, as Editor-in- Chief of Volume 1, to describe the genesis of the Law Review and to contrast our earlier efforts with the modern Law Review, aptly described in the Foreword by Charles Ares and the Dean’s Welcome by Toni Massaro. I am happy to do so. When I enrolled in the College of Law in l956, I had been told by several people, none of whom had any official connection with the school, that the College of Law was the “fifth best law school in the country.” Not “third,” not “seventh,” always “fifth.” Since 1956 was well before U.S. News and World Report undertook to “rank” law schools based upon statistics, all rankings were subjective, hence irrefutable. Law schools in those days enjoyed a ranking privilege similar to that enjoyed by the children of Lake Wobegon, “all of whom are above average.”

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