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In Roma : Nella Stamperia della Reverenda Camera Apostolica, 1702. [12] pages ; 29 cm. (folio).

«First edition of 1702 on the customary forms, and rules detailed here in 30 edicts restricting excessive luxury and ostentation ("l'esorbitante pompa") for good governance and the public good in the Jewish community of Rome ... under the auspices of the Congrega di Sessanta (Congregation of Sixty). The festivals described include i.a. the number of guests at circumcisions, at mitzvah celebrations and the value of gifts, on the festival of Purim. Regarding weddings and the permitted amount for dowries, on clothing, the dress for brides and grooms, prohibitions on women's jewelry and descriptions of what is appropriate, etc. Includes fascinating details and descriptions of the baked goods, foods and drink that would be found at banquets to more moderate celebrations. Signed at type at end Domenico Zauli, Vicegerent Bishop of Veroli, followed by the five Rabbis representing "Dell'Universita degli Ebrei" and finally the two Jewish factors ("Fattore") Samuel Ascarelli and Raffael Bises. One of the five Rabbis mentioned at the end is the The famous Tranquillo Corcos (Hezekiah Manoah Hayyim; 1660-1730) who did much for the community through acts and writings including a successful defense of a blood libel case.» -- Jeffrey D. Mancevice, Inc. (Jan. 2020).

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Stamperia della Reverenda Camera Apostolica.


Sumptuary laws, Jewish law


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Pragmatica e regola da osservarsi dall'ebrei di Roma per loro buon governo, e publico beneficio : fatta l'anno 1702. nel fattorato de Magnifici Samuele Ascarelli, Tranquillo Volterra, e Raffaele Bises.