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Nuclear Weapons and Law


Paul C. Warnke

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NUCLEAR WEAPONS AND LAW. Edited by Arthur Selwyn Miller and Martin Feinrider. Westport, Connecticut: Greenwood Press, 1984. Pp. xiii, 415. $39.95.

The editors' introduction to this thought-provoking collection of articles is entitled "On the Relevance of Law to Nuclear Weapons." This query into relevance is the threshold question in any attempt to deal, prospectively at least, with the legality of a nation's use of force to resolve international disputes. The Vietnam experience shows that the courts are unwilling to treat such issues as justiciable. Instead, they are left for political evaluation and action by Congress and the electorate. But this, as the editors point out, does not make legal evaluation irrelevant. Law may serve a worthwhile purpose in bringing to the attention of political leaders, and those whom they are elected to serve, the ethical and moral considerations that underlie their actions.

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