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INTERNATIONAL TRADE AND THE TOKYO ROUND NEGOTIATION by Gilbert R. Winham. Princeton, New Jersey: Princeton University Press, 1986. Pp. xiv, 449. $45 (cloth), $13.50 (paper).

Professor Gilbert R. Winham's International Trade and the Tokyo Round Negotiation is a comprehensive political history of the vast network of negotiations launched by a ministerial trade declaration in Tokyo in 1973 and concluded in 1979. The book's publication in 1986 is auspicious, since in September 1986 another ministerial trade conference- this time in Punta del Este, Uruguay-culminated in a new declaration launching an even more sweeping "round" of multilateral trade negotiations (MTNs). Winham's reconstruction of the major developments of the Tokyo Round, in particular his insightful analysis of the processes through which consensus was sought and often but not always achieved, provide useful background for an understanding of the current Uruguay Round negotiations and perhaps some foreshadowing of future developments.

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