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COMPETITION POLICY AND MERGER CONTROL IN THE SINGLE EUROPEAN MARKET. By Sir Leon Brittan. Cambridge: Grotius Publications Limited, 1991. Pp. xi, 56.

Sir Leon Brittan, the primary force today in European Community competition policy, serves as a vice-president of the European Commission and as the commissioner charged with overseeing financial institutions and competition matters. Nominated to the Commission in 1986 by the United Kingdom after service as Chief Secretary to the Treasury, Home Secretary, and Trade and Industry Secretary, Brittan rapidly became a major voice in and for the Community. In the Hersch Lauterpacht Memorial Lectures, delivered at Cambridge University in February 1990 and now published, Brittan addresses two important aspects of Community competition policy: the assertion of antitrust jurisdiction over acts beyond the territorial boundaries of the Community, and the antitrust regulation of mergers and acquisitions within the Community.

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