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As The Yale Journal of International Law and its predecessors, Yale Studies in World Public Order and The Yale Journal of World Public Order, mark twenty-five years of publication, we pause to look back on the history of the Journal. We would like to share with our readers W. Michael Reisman's address delivered at YJIL's twenty-fifth anniversary banquet, a list of the publications' ten most-cited works to this point, and a collection of commentaries for the first five pieces on this list. In this collection, there is a commentary from the author of each piece and from a legal scholar engaged in research in the field. The commentaries evaluate the initial pieces and their impact, taking into account the developments in international law since the time the pieces were published. It is hoped that this perspective on the Journal's past, in both the address and the commentaries, will be of interest not only for those with close ties to YJIL, but for those following the development of international legal scholarship more broadly.

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