Guiguo Wang

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This Essay is in honor of Professor Michael Reisman. I had the privilege of studying for a J.S.D. degree at Yale under his supervision. Professor Reisman is a great scholar of extreme modesty. He listens well, responds promptly to students' needs, and patiently explains his and others' viewpoints. Professor Reisman led me to the Yale Law School twenty-seven years ago, and ever since I have benefited from his great scholarship, and in particular his New Haven School jurisprudence-law "as a process of decision that is both authoritative and controlling." It is difficult to measure the extent to which my study of the law has benefited from Professor Reisman's scholarship. Yet I can safely say that his theory of, and approach to, the law have had a profound influence on my scholarship. This piece is a case in point. In fact, as with many of my earlier projects, I have again had the benefit of his advice in writing this Essay.

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