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Among the many questions raised by recent events in Egypt is this one: to which tense does the revolution belong? As of this writing, there is certainly evidence that the revolution has passed. Hosni Mubarak, the previously overthrown dictator, has been released; Mohamed Morsi, once a popularly elected president, has been overthrown; and the current regime, with its demonstrated willingness to crush political opposition violently, resembles the most oppressive aspects of the previous two. Yet the situation in Egypt is currently characterized by intense volatility. Although protests from Muslim Brotherhood supporters have waned significantly in the shadow of merciless crackdowns, protestors have adapted, and widespread resistance continues. Significantly, the resistance movement has recently showed signs of widening its focus and broadening its base. A protest march drawing thousands voiced opposition to the Muslim Brotherhood and the current regime. Many of the signs declared, "No legitimacy and no mandate; the revolution is back!"

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