Kathryn Kolbert


With the Supreme Court currently reconsidering Roe v. Wade, and the renewed activism that has resulted, it is an opportune time for the prochoice movement to articulate our vision of the future and to grapple with the many hard questions that surround sexuality, childbearing, and parenting. True reproductive freedom, which must be our ultimate goal, includes much more than the legal right to choose abortion. It includes the right to decide whether, when, with whom, and under what conditions women will have children, and envisions a world in which women will have both the economic means and the social conditions to effectuate whatever moral choices they make. Only with the freedom to control their fertility, are women free to participate fully and equally in our society: to learn and to grow, to better themselves, to establish a home and family, to follow their dreams or to express themselves and contribute as mothers, workers, artists, scientists, or in whatever roles they may choose.

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