Herma Hill Kay


On July 1, the beginning date of any given academic year, a significant number of new law school deans will take office. Most of them will be entering into their first deanship. Virtually all of them are also professors of law, whose prior academic careers were characterized by outstanding scholarship and willingness to devote time to institutional matters, usually in the form of committee service. Almost none of them has had prior administrative experience, although some of them have previously been Associate Deans or Interim Deans. Many of them have never read a balance sheet or engaged in fund-raising. A small minority of them are women, and a miniscule number are members of racial or ethnic minority groups. It may be assumed that all believe or hope that they will be able to influence the direction and academic standing of their school in positive ways. Few have any concrete notion of the actual, day-to-day content of the job they have just assumed.

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