Robert Crandall


Who Profits: Winners, Losers, and Government Regulation, by Robert A. Leone.* New York, N.Y.: Basic Books, 1986. 244 pages. $17.95.

The unsuspecting purchaser of Robert Leone's Who Profits: Winners, Losers, and Government Regulation (without a question mark) might think he is going to glean some new estimates or theory of the distribution of gains from government regulation. How much does regulation cartelize industry or labor? How much does regulation protect domestic industry from foreign competition? Or established firms from new competitors? Do consumers gain at the expense of business, or vice versa? Are the interests of consumers, businessmen, and regulators to some extent identical, and if not, at what point do these interests diverge, and why? In terms of both efficiency and fairness, whose interests are considered the touchstone for evaluation of any given regulatory change?

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