Matthew Bloom


Apple Computer, Inc. v. Doe 1 No. 1-04-CV-032178 (Cal. Super. Ct. Mar. 11, 2005)

In late November 2004, various websites, including AppleInsider and PowerPage, displayed specific information about a new product that Apple Computer, Inc. was developing. Apple had yet to officially announce the product, a FireWire audio interface (codenamed "Asteroid" or "Q7") that would allow users to directly record audio onto their computers from attached musical instruments or other audio devices. In response to the widespread dissemination of its confidential information over these websites' blogs, Apple filed suit in the Superior Court of Santa Clara County, California, alleging that "unnamed individuals or entities had leaked specific, trade secret information" to the websites. Believing that the timing and publicity of product launches is valuable, Apple sought indeterminate damages from the defendant(s) and an injunction restraining them from misappropriating trade secret information about future products.

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