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Innovations in information literacy is not only taking place in academic law libraries, law firm libraries, and court libraries but simultaneously occurring in the legal system. Innovation also means rethinking - and remaking - institutions that no longer serve us well. As any lawyer or non-lawyer can confirm, the traditional legal system has ignored the needs of self-represented litigants, now flooding courtrooms, seeking solutions to real and significant problems. Yet, revolution is afoot, and the judicial system is responding to accommodate this new class of users. Presenter Richard Zorza, introduced by Charles Dyer as an "instigator of innovation," spoke about the movement to make courtrooms, judicial procedures, and the legal system as a whole, more friendly, open, and available to self-represented litigants at the Annual Meeting Program, "Law Libraries and Access to Justice Revolution."


AALL Spectrum, p. 26, September/October 2009

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